Major Singh
Governor of California

Bring Back Quality of Life
  • Respect
    Respect for everyone
  • Integrity
    Work honestly
  • Balance
    Balanced decisions
  • Sharing
    Share your good fortune
photo of Major Singh, 2021 election candidate for Governor of California


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of California for their vote and support. I love the respect, integrity, balance, and sharing that I experienced during this endeavor. I am grateful to my family, friends, and supporters who went all out to help me.


The goal of my tenure as Governor will be to improve the quality of life of every Californian. A good quality of life in a way can be characterized as experiencing the values of respect, integrity, balance, and sharing in one’s life. My team and I will pursue this goal while putting in practice these values as well. We will work with all the parties in the legislature for the advancement of the great state of California.

Here we list out the areas that we will focus on. Improvement in one benefits others as well.


Encourage vaccination through education and transparency rather than gimmicks like lottery. Anticipate and build reserve capacity for hospitalizations. Also focus on research and availability of treatments. Prefer school districts working in concert with local county health officers to devise guidelines for in-person schooling. California is a large and diverse state. Avoid state wide mandates. Parents should have a say in their child’s well being. Let them have a choice between in-person and remote learning(different from independent study).

Election Reform

Give voters the option to change their mail-in vote till one day before election day. The mail-in ballots should not be separated from envelope till one day before election day. Alternatively, implement a digital technology solution to keep track of the ballot’s envelope and digitally delink them before the start of counting.


Continue with current programs to help the homeless and work on removing the inefficiencies and wastage of resources therein. There is no quick fix. The temporary solutions alleviate critical concerns for only a short time. Address the root causes including mental health, addiction, and economic realities. Encourage support from families and faith based organizations.


Reduce taxes so people take home more and avoid veering into homelessness. Cut income as well as nickel and dime taxes. Reduce corporate taxes to reasonable levels so that companies do not rely on workarounds or leave the state. Simplify taxes and plug loopholes. Corporations making let’s say more than $500 million should not use charity to reduce tax liability. The goodwill from charity is more than enough compensation.


Improve public schools so that they are the preferred choice of parents. Give parents vouchers so that they have more control over their child’s education. Reduce college expenses. Encourage students to graduate early and reduce reliance on burdensome student loans. Reduce the impression that college is for partying. Make vocational colleges more attractive. Speed up the creation of new universities. Increase Medical schools. Encourage motivated students to graduate in 3 years and join a medical program.


Work in conjunction with federal agencies to speed up the plan to clear brush that acts as fuel. Use technology to simulate and predict burns. Get funding for more research into technology and resources to control fires. Preventive measure for housing in high risk areas.


We are in a drought and need to use available water efficiently. Explore feasibility of building new reservoirs and invest in research on desalination plants.

Climate Change

Ensure California is in the forefront of green technology innovation and use. Attract innovative companies working in climate change technologies. Keep a balanced pace towards adoption of newer technology and phasing out of traditional infrastructure. Keep in mind lessons learned from the rollout of smog check programs to control pollution. The consumers should not bear unnecessarily big burdens.


  • Support law enforcement. No defunding the police.
  • Support criminal justice reform.
  • Support family justice reform.
  • Support sensible immigration policies.
  • Make healthcare affordable.


Major Singh has lived in California since 1992 and has worked in the field of Software Engineering. He was born in Punjab, India and is a Sikh. He did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He did his Masters in Computer Science and Operations Research from North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

As Governor of California he will Bring Back Quality of Life.


Jeffrey Saine, Chico, CA

Retired US Coast Guard Captain

Retired community college professor of Political Science and US History

Lifelong California resident

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